Fall has arrived...or has it?

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Fall has officially arrived, but has it really?

If you are on the west coast specifically Southern California, you are experiencing 90+ degree weather today with a 5-day forecast giving us more of the same. Ugh, enough of this heat!

Where is the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather? I want to wear my new "It Is What It Is" hoodie, but I guess I will have to wait a few more weeks for that. 

The rest of you are probably seeing the traditional images of fall. Tree-lined streets with leaves of various shades of yellow; temperatures that are just cold enough for you to break out a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee; Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in your local Starbucks, and Halloween decorations strung about town. Ahh, Fall has truly arrived!

Although the true feeling of the fall season has not fully hit where I am just yet, I know that no matter where we live or what weather we are experiencing, it is important that we all remember that it is what it is and to enjoy what you have.

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